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Effective Date of amended FINRA Rule 8311

August 24, 2015

FINRA Notice to Member 15-07 noted that the amendments to FINRA Rule 8311 would be effective August 24, 2015.  In general, the amendments to FINRA Rule 8311 eliminate duplicative provisions in NASD IM-2420-2 and clarify the scope of the rule on payments by member firms to persons subject to suspension, revocation, cancellation, bar (each a sanction), or other disqualification.

Rule 8311 provides that if a person is subject to a sanction or other disqualification, a member firm may not allow such person to be associated with it in any capacity that is inconsistent with the sanction imposed or disqualified status, including a clerical or ministerial capacity. A member firm may not pay or credit to any person subject to a sanction or disqualification, during the period of the sanction or disqualification or any period thereafter, any salary, commission, profit, or any other remuneration that the person might accrue, not just earn, during the period of the sanction or disqualification. However, a member firm may make payments or credits to a person subject to a sanction that are consistent with the scope of activities permitted under the sanction where the sanction solely limits an associated person from conducting specified activities (such as a suspension from acting in a principal capacity) or to a disqualified person that has been approved (or is otherwise permitted pursuant to FINRA rules and the federal securities laws) to associate with a member firm.




August 24, 2015
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