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Supplemental Inventory Schedule (report period ended 10/31/2016)

The Supplemental Inventory Schedule (SIS) must be filed by a firm that is required to file FOCUS Report Part II, FOCUS Report Part IIA or FOGS Report Part I, with inventory positions as of the end of the FOCUS or FOGS reporting period, unless the firm has (1) a minimum dollar net capital or liquid capital requirement of less than $100,000; or (2) inventory positions consisting only of money market mutual funds.6 A firm with inventory positions consisting only of money market mutual funds must affirmatively indicate through the eFOCUS system that no SIS filing is required for the reporting period.

Annual Audit Filing Due Date (Year Ending October 31, 2018)

SEC Rule 17a-5(d) requires that FINRA member firms to file an Annual Audited Report electronically with FINRA through the firm Gateway and with the SEC (main office and regional office) via mail or overnight carrier not more than 60-calendar days after the date selected for their fiscal year end. The Annual Audit must also be filed with the state regulators (where required). To be a valid filing, the Annual Audit must be physically received by FINRA, the SEC and the state regulators by the due date. (Note: if the Annual Audit cannot be completed by the due date a request for extension to the Annual Audit due date must be made in writing to the FINRA District Office 3 business days prior to the due date).