White Paper – RIA Registration and Regulatory Issues


White Paper – RIA Registration and Regulatory Issues

Companies and individuals who provide investment advice to others are generally subject to regulation by federal and or state securities regulators.  Therefore, before providing financial advice to anyone, prospective advisers must determine whether registration is required, and if so, what type of registration is appropriate. Where registration is required, it is critical to understand the regulatory requirements related to that registration as well as the on-going regulatory obligations, as the regulatory environment is complex and the ramifications of non-compliance are significant.
This discussion does not purport to address all aspects of the advisory industry or all regulatory requirements affecting an Investment Adviser, as such, it is important to note that this discussion is a summary of key issues we believe material, and is provided for discussion purposes only. The matters affecting the registration and on-going operations of an Investment Adviser are complex and this discussion is not a substitute for engaging legal counsel or any other specialized professionals to discuss all of the facts regarding your proposed activities and individual situation.